Who We Are

What is Minga Marketplace?

Minga Marketplace is an online resource center which was developed and is run by the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Society for BC, and provides services for:

1. Professionals, agencies, and individuals seeking information on, or looking to purchase a comprehensive selection of resources and products on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). The resources we offer include but are not limited to: published articles & books, packaged programs, CDs & DVDs, crafts, gift items, etc.

2. Individuals with FASD looking for a platform to advertise and sell their handicrafts (e.g. art pieces), and books (e.g. inspirational biographies, life experiences, personal coping strategies).

3. Adults and Youth with FASD looking for social and job skills training to improve their interview performance and employment chances.

4. The general community, by helping to build knowledge and raise awareness about the different aspects of FASD (e.g. causes, behaviour management, family support, etc), and providing materials for everyday use and special occasions.

5. Using our staff expertise, we also provide training and develop new resources to educate and support those who are working with clients and families living with FASD, in the fields of both prevention and intervention.

The profits from Minga Marketplace are used both for expansion of the Marketplace, and to contribute to the sustainability of the FASD Society for British Columbia (BC).

What is a Minga?

The concept of Minga has existed for centuries, since the time of Incan rule. In Quichua, an indigenous language of Ecuador, "Minga" means "the coming together of a community for the betterment of all", and was often considered each individual's obligation to the community. Community members can call a "Minga" if they are in need of assistance, and people will come from miles around to help. In modern times, Mingas may be called to build or repair roads, water systems, forests, community land, schools and more. The mood is always festive despite the demanding labour. Minga Marketplace was selected for a namesake to recognize the fact that the prevention of FASD and support for affected families is a community concern and requires a coordinated community response. It is a beautiful and hopeful message, and we hope that through the awareness efforts of the Asante Centre and the increased accessibility to appropriate resource materials we will see more positive changes for individuals with FASD and their families.